Encouraging children to be active helps them to burn off excess energy and will leave them (and you!) in a better mood.
Here are three very simple techniques you can easily adapt into your weekly routine to bring more action into your children’s lives.

1. Don’t drive so much! Encourage children to walk and cycle where possible.

2. Take Control of the TV! Limit the amount of time children watch tv each evening and introduce new activities. Get them outside, let them bake, and encourage free play.

3. Be Active Together! Introduce family walking time and make the most of important bonding time outside in the fresh air.

4. Build a den or treehouse with them in the school holidays. Or, under supervision, encourage them to climb a tree or two. Encourage exploration!

5. Take the dog for a walk. If you don’t have one of your own, ask to borrow a neighbour’s or friend’s dog and take it for a walk.

6. Fly a kite! What a fun way to bring some fresh air, movement and laughter into both yours and your child’s life.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day but by making small changes on a regular basis you can greatly increase the amount of activity your child gets each week.