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Live life your way

One of the many benefits of being a RINKA instructor is the freedom to design life in your own terms. Many of our instructors have young children and didn't want to return to the corporate world of work. Instead they wanted a career that complimented their home life....

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Our business is helping you to build yours

At the very beginning stages of RINKA, I had one vision in mind – a business support network that allowed instructors to focus on doing what they loved most, without the stress of trying to figure out all the other parts! RINKA instructors all have one major thing in common – they love to work with children! But that doesn’t mean they know how to run their own business or how to turn their love of working with children into a viable career. This is where RINKA steps in! 

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Egg-citing Easter Energy Burners

The Easter break is a full two weeks and if the weather isn’t great, cabin-fever will set in. Off-set the sugar overload by repeating some of the activities we did this week in class. A quick trip to your local Euro2 store will equip you with all the bits and pieces needed and after that it’s over to you and the kids to enjoy! Even 30 mins a day will go a long way towards increasing their movement and keeping them active over the break.

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The Benefits of Proprioceptive Input

The proprioceptive system is located in our muscles and joints and provides us with a sense of body awareness, whilst also controlling force and pressure. Proprioceptive activities involve providing intensive input to the muscles and joints. In simple terms, it is our...

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The importance of free play

Free play is unstructured by nature and isn’t meant to be lead by adults. It’s a child’s opportunity to think for themselves and to do what feels natural and enjoyable and it most certainly isn’t meant to be passive – no computer games, phones or screens allowed!! Allowing children to get bored is very important. Let them feel the boredom and then let them come up with an idea themselves of how to overcome it.

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Why the fundamentals matter

Here at RINKA, we focus on putting the FUN into fundamental movement skills but mastering these basic skills is a serious business! Why is it such a hot topic of conversation nowadays? The main reason is that the natural habitat of children has changed. Gone are the days of hours spent playing outdoors with balls, skipping ropes and hopscotch and in are the days of structured play and sedentary activity. Children used to master these skills naturally but now they aren’t being mastered at all.

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The Heart of RINKA Awards 2018

The event was about celebrating the different capabilities, talents and interests each child has and recognising the challenges that the nominees face on a daily basis. ‘The award wasn’t about being the best, or trying to come in first place. It was simply a day out to let these awe-inspiring children and their parents enjoy and to give us a chance to say we see you, we’re proud of you and keep going. 

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RINKA is voted Best After School Activity Provider

At the Family First NI Winter Awards in the Sligo Park Hotel on Saturday night, RINKA was titled the Best After School Activity Provider and CEO, Sarah Gillespie, was there to accept the award. ‘This is definitely a team win. Our network of instructors across the...

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Grasping the basics – the importance of fundamental movement skills

A high level of fundamental movement skill competence in childhood leads to a number of positive health and physical outcomes.  Children who possess high FMS levels have a greater chance of maintaining good health, are more likely to participate in physical activity and possess better fitness in later life. The younger we can teach these skills to our children, the better.  

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