RINKA Schools Programme

We are getting school kids across the nation active!

 Do you find it difficult to cover all aspects of the PE and Drama curriculum? Is your school working towards it’s Active Flag? Or maybe you just want to increase the activity in your daily routine? 

 Rinka instructors can provide your school with a tailor-made programme which can cover:

*Dance Strand

*Gymnastic Strand

*Games Strand

* Athletics Strand

* Drama 

 Rinka classes are all-inclusive and age appropriate and focus on making fitness fun for all.

Our classes introduce children as young as three years to the fundamentals of fitness but do so in an inclusive manner, with no element of competition whatsoever. The classes are age appropriate and help develop the abc’s of fitness in each child, regardless of their previously learned skills or abilities. RINKA classes do not focus on the fastest runner or strongest footballer but rather encourage each child to develop at their own pace.

As has now been recognized by both the UK and Irish sports council, the focus of fitness for children must be based on the participation level and not on elitism as once originally thought. If we are to seriously combat childhood obesity, then every child must have access to these skills from as young an age as possible.

 RINKA offer alternatives to mainstream sports, ensuring we are helping all kids reach their physical activity requirements and not just those who love sport already.

 Our aim here at RINKA is to get primary school children enjoying healthy exercise classes, building friendships and confidence and learning about the importance healthy diets and lifestyle choices.

Contact us

 We work with schools in many different ways: as a one off, on a termly basis, as an afterschool arrangement – the choice is yours! f you would like further information on our physical activities for children or to find out about bringing RINKA to your school, fill out the contact form here

Would you like a RINKA Friendship Chair for your school?

We here at RINKA love the message behind the Friendship Chair and have been fundraising to help give our local schools a chair for free. We have had some beautiful launch days in schools around the country and our aim is to have these friendship chairs in as many locations as possible. 

Get in touch if you would like to find out about getting one for your school. 


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