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We are getting school kids across the nation active!

 Do you find it difficult to cover all aspects of the PE curriculum? Is your school working towards it’s Active Flag? Or maybe you just want to increase the activity in your daily routine? 

 RINKA have worked in over 60 schools nationwide and we want to work with you too!

We believe the secret is in building confidence. Teach every child that they ‘can’ do and the chances are they ‘will’ do it!! Movement is natural to children, sport maybe not so much. At RINKA we want to differentiate between the two. Loving sport is optional but loving fitness is essential. We must reach children on a level that interests them, give them an opportunity to master physical literacy from a young age, in a way that they enjoy and show them that fitness is accessible to all!  

 RINKA instructors can provide your school with a tailor-made programme which can cover:

  • Dance Strand
  • Gymnastic Strand
  • Games Strand
  • Athletics Strand
  • Drama activities that focus on fitness and activity 
  • Art activities that initiate conversation about health and fitness
  • Mindfulness and relaxation techniques to help kids unwind and self-regulate emotions
  • Basic nutritional education and tasks 

RINKA classes are age appropriate and focus on making fitness fun for all.

Our classes introduce children as young as three years to the fundamentals of fitness but do so with no element of competition whatsoever. The classes are age appropriate and help develop the abc’s of fitness in each child, regardless of their previously learned skills or abilities. RINKA classes do not focus on the fastest runner or strongest footballer but rather encourage each child to develop at their own pace.

As has now been recognized by both the UK and Irish sports council, the focus of fitness for children must be based on the participation level and not on elitism as once originally thought. If we are to seriously combat childhood obesity, then every child must have access to these skills from as young an age as possible.

 RINKA offers an alternative to competitive sports, ensuring we are helping all kids reach their physical activity requirements and not just those who love sport already.

 Our aim here at RINKA is to get primary school children enjoying healthy exercise classes, building friendships and confidence and learning about the importance of healthy diets and lifestyle choices.

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 We work with schools in many different ways

  • as a one off event
  • on a termly basis
  • as an afterschool arrangement – the choice is yours!

If you would like further information on our physical activities for children or to find out about bringing RINKA to your school, fill out the contact form here

Read what some of our existing schools have had to say about us: 

I cannot recommend Rinka highly enough. The positive energy the instructors bring is contagious. An elevated mood can contribute to an “I can do it” attitude, which goes a long way as students approach new tasks as challenges both in the classroom and in play. It is an inclusive program that is suitable in my opinion from preschool age right through to children in 6th class. The program has something to offer children of all interests and abilities. Physical activity like Rinka in school primes the brain for learning. Watching the children’s confidence grow as they master new tasks is one of my favourite observations in a Rinka lesson. Play and physical activity like that which is offered in the Rinka program are cherished parts of childhood but the importance of them in contributing to a child’s healthy development cannot be overlooked. Tara Henderson

Children loved going down to the sessions. Classes had good structure, progression and development. It was a very inclusive programme which adapted for those less able. Scoil Aodh Rua agus Nuala, Donegal Town

I was delighted that my class were able to take part in RINKA classes for six weeks with Sarah Gillespie and her team. I like the way ALL of the children were involved from the beginning of the class, those with SEN (special educational needs) were encouraged to and indeed did take part in the very engaging and active lessons provided by Sarah and her instructors. I observed that the children worked well as a group, really paying attention and developing their listening skills in order to be ready for the next move or dance step. The development of Gross Motor Skills was very evident as the children did their warm-up. The class was very eager to review the previous week’s work and add new content during each new lesson. This was done in a very progressive and age-appropriate manner by the instructors who kept hood order at all times but kept the element of fun always. The children’s sense of pulse and rhythm was improving each week as the lessons progressed and the small drama section at the end of class helped develop children’s confidence in speaking aloud and also their clarity of speech. Congratulations to all on a job well done. Siobhan Cassidy (Primary School Teacher, Donegal)

‘Our Junior Infants have had a block of 6 weeks of RINKA. They absolutely adore the classes and teachers have noticed the impact the classes have made in classrooms. The children’s skills and self-confidence have developed in a very short time. Sandra’s passion and care show in the work she puts in to each and every class’ St Paul’s Infant School

‘I wish I could have recorded the positive praise for RINKA at lunchtime. The teachers are all of the opinion that we would drop every single other extra activity before we would drop RINKA. RINKA is the resource we believe in most’ Athlone

We had Rinka out to Cornfulla NS last year as part of Active School week. The children were engaged & thoroughly enjoyed all the activities. It was well structured, fun and suitable for all ages and abilities.I would highly recommend Rinka. Fiona O’Connell, Cornafulla NS

Rinka is an amazing programme where students are learning all the FUNdamental skills of movement and the importance of a healthy fit lifestyle. Sarah Gillespie is the most experienced, professional and motivating instructor, teacher and coach in the children’s fitness industry and I highly recommend her.  Julianne Murphy, PE Teacher, 

Would you like a RINKA Friendship Chair for your school?

We here at RINKA love the message behind the Friendship Chair and have been fundraising to help give our local schools a chair for free. We have had some beautiful launch days in schools around the country and our aim is to have these friendship chairs in as many locations as possible. 

Get in touch if you would like to find out about getting one for your school. 


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