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My boy just finished a week of summer camp with the girls at Rinka. AJ had a fantastic time. Laura, Rebecca & Roisin are absolutely brilliant in what they do, you can tell they love their work. Their classes are full of fitness, wellbeing & fun for the kids. My son couldn’t wait to tell me the importance of eating greens or drinking water, it’s great for them to know about nutrition at a young age. Rinka is not just a fitness class, it’s so much more. After a great camp, I’m looking forward in signing my son up for a term in September. He loved it so much. You can tell the girls get to know each child that goes there, amazing work. Each day after camp, parents would receive a text on how the day went, such a nice touch. I love that. I couldn’t recommend Rinka highly enough, Thanks again ladies, ye’re absolute stars!!!!

Emma Murtagh

In an age where kids are glued to screens, RINKA is a fabulous way to keep them active. My two kids absolutely love it and look forward to going every week. They say it’s fun and I love the fact that it gets them moving. I can see their confidence growing weekly also. The team running it are brilliant and so good with the kids.

Caroline Reid

My little boy is 4 and a half and has been going to rinka since he was 3.We have seen so many positive benefits from rinka its hard to know where to start!Socially he has come on so much from all the wonderful activities and focus on friendships, physically we have seen massive improvements in balance and co ordination as well as strenght and agility and more.Recently we have seen him benefit from the mindfullness aspect of the class and he used techniques he used in class to help him when he was frightened/anxious..each week i see him becoming a more well rounded child and rinka has played a big part in that.

Maria Brennan

Hi all my 4 year old girl has attended the summer and Halloween camps this year which she thoroughly enjoyed. Its great to hear the stories when she comes home of all the fun she had and new friends she made. She also attends the rinka kids class every Mon which she looks forward to every week. She loves the exercises and relay races but her favourites is anything gymnastics related. She def gets a good nite sleep and eats a great dinner after rinka kids. I would highly recommend it x

Emily McElroy

My son goes to the RINKA class every Sat morning and loves it. He has grown in confidence and has learned lots of new skills. We had a Rinka party for his 4th birthday and it was fantastic – I would highly recommend it! Elaine is brilliant with the kids and they love her easygoing and kind nature. We are looking forward to another term and the summer camp!

Elaine Ferguson

We absolutely recommend Rinka, and their wonderful leaders.
My son attended Newport camp and loved it so much he didn’t want to come home at finishing time!
Charlotte is absolutely fabulous with all the children and ensures each child is so well taken care of.
The activities they carry out are great for their development, even though they just think they’re having fun.
Definite 5 stars from us. See you at classes in September.

Fidelma Murphy

Absolutely fab class for kids. My 3 year old is one class into her term and loves it already! Even more so the orange she was given at the end of class I’ve rarely seen her so enthusiastic to eat a piece of fruit. Colm and Anne are excellent teachers in the area of sport/exercise/promoting health and fitness to young children of all ages. Well done to all involved we will definitely be back for more classes.

Rosie Traynor

My 4 year old son adores his weekly Rinka class. Never any hesitation going into the class & Always bounds out the door saying ‘Mum I had great fun today’. Highly recommend, my 2.5 yr old can’t wait to be 3 so she can go too!

Maeve Carmody

My daughter grace just loves this class. It’s the highlight of her week. It’s a time for her to let off steam and burn off excess energy in a fun way. Ann and Colm make sure each class is thoroughly enjoyable and makes every child feel special. They promote exercise, healthy eating and positive thinking in a fun relaxed atmosphere. Grace has some speech difficulty but this has even improved greatly since starting Rinka as she has the confidence to take her time in expressing herself thus allowing her to speak more clearly. I would highly recommend this class for any child. Play is such an important aspect of childhood and this is what Rinka allows my child to do.

Sinead Matthews

Aoibhinn comes out of her Rinka class with a smile on her face every week. A great way to get kids exercising without the pressure of competition

Maria Fornan

My little boy started at Rinka last week and he absolutely loved it and he talked all week about and was so excited to go back this week…. It great to have some thing for 3 year olds in our area … and it great to see all the kids coming out with such big smiles after the class

Siobhan McDonagh

Teacher Testimonials

I cannot recommend Rinka highly enough. The positive energy the instructors bring is contagious. An elevated mood can contribute to an “I can do it” attitude, which goes a long way as students approach new tasks as challenges both in the classroom and in play. It is an inclusive program that is suitable in my opinion from preschool age right through to children in 6th class. The program has something to offer children of all interests and abilities. Physical activity like Rinka in school primes the brain for learning. Watching the children’s confidence grow as they master new tasks is one of my favourite observations in a Rinka lesson. Play and physical activity like that which is offered in the Rinka program are cherished parts of childhood but the importance of them in contributing to a child’s healthy development cannot be overlooked.

Tara Henderson

Children loved going down to the sessions. Classes had good structure, progression and development. It was a very inclusive programme which adapted for those less able.

Scoil Aodh Rua agus Nuala, Donegal Town

I was delighted that my class were able to take part in RINKA classes for six weeks with Sarah Gillespie and her team. I like the way ALL of the children were involved from the beginning of the class, those with SEN (special educational needs) were encouraged to and indeed did take part in the very engaging and active lessons provided by Sarah and her instructors. I observed that the children worked well as a group, really paying attention and developing their listening skills in order to be ready for the next move or dance step. The development of Gross Motor Skills was very evident as the children did their warm-up. The class was very eager to review the previous week’s work and add new content during each new lesson. This was done in a very progressive and age-appropriate manner by the instructors who kept hood order at all times but kept the element of fun always. The children’s sense of pulse and rhythm was improving each week as the lessons progressed and the small drama section at the end of class helped develop children’s confidence in speaking aloud and also their clarity of speech. Congratulations to all on a job well done.

Siobhan Cassidy (Primary School Teacher, Donegal)

‘Our Junior Infants have had a block of 6 weeks of RINKA. They absolutely adore the classes and teachers have noticed the impact the classes have made in classrooms. The children’s skills and self-confidence have developed in a very short time. Sandra’s passion and care show in the work she puts in to each and every class’

St Paul’s Infant School

‘I wish I could have recorded the positive praise for RINKA at lunchtime. The teachers are all of the opinion that we would drop every single other extra activity before we would drop RINKA. RINKA is the resource we believe in most’

We had Rinka out to Cornfulla NS last year as part of Active School week. The children were engaged & thoroughly enjoyed all the activities. It was well structured, fun and suitable for all ages and abilities.

I would highly recommend Rinka. Fiona O’Connell, Cornafulla NS

Rinka is an amazing programme where students are learning all the FUNdamental skills of movement and the importance of a healthy fit lifestyle. Sarah Gillespie is the most experienced, professional and motivating instructor, teacher and coach in the children’s fitness industry and I highly recommend her.

GET YOUR CHILDREN TO RINKA. Julianne Murphy, PE Teacher, Ballyshannon

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