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Joining RINKA

A word from the CEO

Sarah Gillespie RINKA Donegal TownHi,
I am delighted you are interested in finding out more! A career as a RINKA instructor is simply one of the most rewarding directions you could take and I really believe that working with children is a blessing. With childhood obesity at an all time high, the need for children’s fitness has never been greater, Our instructors are experiencing outstanding success because they are giving parents what they want most – healthy, happy children!
I think what I probably love most about working with children is the fact that no two days are the same, no two classes are the same and, the truth is, no two kids are the same! I love getting to know each and every child that comes through my door and recognising the little person inside. I love the stories they tell me at the start of class, the ins and outs of what they did that day. I love the silly things they say and the simple, straight-forward outlook they have on life. And to top it all off I get to inspire them to love fitness, activity and health. It’s the dream job!
And I want to share that with you! When you join RINKA, you don’t just join a team, you join the RINKA Family. As a team,our mission is spreading the RINKA magic to all kids across the country and we’d love for you to join us.

Sarah xx

Down to the Nitty Gritty

1. What We do

RINKA classes are all-inclusive and age appropriate and focus on making fitness fun for all. We strive to offer alternatives to mainstream sports, ensuring we are helping all kids reach their physical activity requirements and not just those who love sports already.

Each term we focus on different aspects of our curriculum and each class ranges in activity from high-energy games and athletic skills to gymnastic skills and dance and movement. We ensure that every child is introduced to a range of skills and experiences in a fun-filled, non-competitive way.

RINKA is delivered through after school classes, holiday time camps, birthday parties, and during school and creche sessions. 

2. Qualifications and Training

  1. A bubbly, energetic personality along with a passion for working with children a must
  2. Experience working with children aged 3- 12 years, ideally in a classroom or sporting environment
  3. An active interest in health and fitness with a relevant fitness qualification 
  4. Confident in the use of social media
  5. Access to reliable transportation is essential

3. Remuneration

Dependant on position. Assistant instructors, lead instructors and area development manager packages are all discussed on application. 


4. What training am I given 

Training is a combination of online and in-class activities as well as ongoing support from your area manager

Instructor Videos

Ethos of RINKA Class

Traits of an Instructor

What happens in class

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