We are looking for gyms who want to help combat the childhood obesity epidemic

Kids’ health, wellbeing and fitness must be kept at the forefront of efforts to improve the current childhood obesity crisis in Ireland. Alongside this, we need to begin to repair the damage our kids’ emotional wellbeing, social confidence and developmental skills have suffered from the continued disruption of Covid 19.  

RINKA is the leading provider of kids’ fitness and wellness classes in Ireland. It is our mission to foster in them a love of an active and creative lifestyle, our aim is to spread the RINKA magic to kids all across the country! 

To begin to remedy these issues and combat childhood obesity (1 in 5 Irish children is considered to be obese) we are growing our RINKA family to reach more children and families nationwide. 

Does this sound like you?
We are reaching out to, and connecting with, gyms around the country who;
  • Share our passion for making a positive impact on children’s health and fitness
  • Understand that habits are created in childhood and want to help children develop healthy ones
  • Love the idea of being able to support families with fitness and health knowledge at all stages of development
  • Have a fun loving, energetic team who have a desire to work with children

Our unrivalled and unique approach to teaching is what has led to our phenomenal nationwide growth in the last few years. We focus on the physical, mental, social and nutritional needs of children in a fun and welcoming environment. 

We support you at every step

Gyms that team with RINKA will receive full training in our unique teaching methods and class plans that are created to focus on different aspects of our curriculum. Each class ranges in activity from high-energy games and athletic skills to gymnastic skills, dance and movement. Offering alternatives to mainstream sports, we ensure that every child is introduced to a range of skills and experiences in a fun-filled, non-competitive way.

RINKA offers ongoing support through an online training portal, keeping staff’s skills sharp and professional. Regular training and mentorship is provided to our RINKA family members. Gyms that team with RINKA will have the chance to promote wellbeing to families and their community and the benefits are twofold –  Irish family’s health and wellbeing improve and Irish businesses grow.

Progress towards ending childhood obesity  has been too slow. Gyms it’s time to offer our children a brighter future by building better health, fitness and wellbeing supports for youth and families in all our communities.

If you share our vision, begin your RINKA journey and get in touch!

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