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A Day in the Life at RINKA

Have you ever wondered what life as a Rinka franchisee is like? Today we are talking with Sarah-Marie who teaches kids every week through the RINKA system. She is well equipped to give you an insight into the energetic, positive world that we call work. Read on to learn what is involved in a career at RINKA.

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Why Should Children Exercise?

1. Exercise helps kids achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.
2. Regular physical activity helps build and maintain strong, healthy muscles, bones and joints.
3. Exercise aids in the development of important interpersonal skills—this is especially true for participation in team sports.

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How to discourage sugary treats

When kids are looking for sugary treats and snacks it can be hard to say no but it is so important that these types of foods are limited and really seen as a treat. Foods that are high in added sugar (soda, cookies, cake, candy, frozen desserts, and some fruit drinks) tend to also be high in calories and low in other valuable nutrients. As a result, a high-sugar diet is often linked with obesity. Eating too many sugary foods also can lead to tooth decay, energy lows, poor sleeping patterns and anxiety problems.

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How to Beat the Indoor Fidgets

As the winter begins to creep in on us, rainy evenings are becoming more and more frequent and the familiar chant of ‘Mammy I’m bored’ can be heard in most homes!! Here is a very simple idea to help entertain even the most bored child at home; creating a rainy day box.

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Bringing your child to a class for the first time?

The most important thing to remember is that your fear is greater than theirs!! This is what we see week in week out with parent’s bringing children to our classes for the first time. We hear the same worries ‘They may not stay if I don’t stay too’…… ‘I’ll just sit over here in the corner until I’m sure he’s happy’….. ‘I don’t think she’s really going to like it but I’ll give this week a go’…… ‘He’s very shy you know, this isn’t his thing’……

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Tips and Tricks for Sneaking in Their Five a Day

It is every parent’s familiar battle. The dreaded dinner time groans of ‘But I Don’t Like It’!! Even though they happily munched on their carrots six months ago, now even the smallest nibbles of broccoli seem impossible! But do not fear. As with many things in their early years, their dislike of vegetables and all-things-healthy is a passing phase and in the meantime here are some simple suggestions to help sneak in their five a day.

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