As the winter begins to creep in on us, rainy evenings are becoming more and more frequent and the familiar chant of ‘Mammy I’m bored’ can be heard in most homes!! Here is a very simple idea to help entertain even the most bored child at home; creating a rainy day box.

It can be hard to think of the perfect activity when you’re suddenly trapped indoors, so keep a Rainy Day box of fun, hands-on activities and crafts that are only brought out when the weather is grey. Your Rainy Day Box will need to be large, so you can keep it stocked with an assortment of fun stuff. Don’t forget to restock your Rainy Day Box when the weather clears up!

Here are some fun ideas for your box:
* Cheap art and craft supplies.
* New colouring and activity books.
* Pencils, crayons and chalk.
* Old make-up and your latest wardrobe throwaways for costumes.
* Jigsaw puzzles.
* Old magazines and newspapers for papier-mâché or collages.
* Left over party favours like balloons and decorations.
* A deck of cards.
* Family board games.