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Why I do what I do and why RINKA is what it is!

'Life is nothing if not an adventure' 8 years ago today was a massive turning point for me in my life. I was a focused, competitive Irish Dancer, only weeks away from taking to the World Championship stage in Glasgow and up to my eyes in study, focusing on becoming a...

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Why I believe working with children is a gift

I think what I probably love most about my job is the fact that no two days are the same, no two classes are the same and the truth is no two kids are the same! I love getting to know each and every child that comes through my door and recognising the little person inside. I love the stories they tell me at the start of class, the ins and outs of what they did that day. I love the silly things they say and the simple, straight-forward outlook they have on life.

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Let’s Get Creative

Here at Rinka we are interested in all things active but that doesn’t mean we aren’t big champions of all things creative too. In fact, our classes promote creativity in an active way. It is vitally important for your child to have outlets for their developing personalities and what better way than sticking, painting, gluing and coloring! But how can you help your child develop their creativity at home?

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Healthy Habits for The Festive Season

According to new research, childhood obesity rates increase during the holidays. We are all too familiar with the festive bulge that attacks our jeans in the New Year but have we ever stopped to think about the impact the extra food, drinks, snacks and lack of routine the party season has on our children?

Parents need to be mindful about the number of treats kids have over the holidays. Here are a few simple ideas to keep your kids feeling fresh and content and allow them to start the new year revitalized after the break.

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How to Choose a Summer Camp

Schools out, homework is finished until September and the uniform has been buried at the body of the wardrobe. YIPEEEEE!!!!! But wait for it…. ‘Mum what are we doing today?” Yes, it doesn’t take summer boredom long to kick in.

Summer camps are a fantastic way for kids to learn new skills, make new friends and get out of the house for a few days during the holidays. But with so many camps on offer how do you choose what is best for your child? Here are a few tips to help you choose.

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Keep moving indoors when it’s raining outdoors!

It would be fantastic if we thought we would be guaranteed a sun-filled summer holidays this year and the kids could play out doors all summer long. However, that may be a little optimistic!
So, here are a few classic games that will keep your little ones and their friends entertained (and worn out) on a rainy day. No equipment is required for these action games and little bit of silliness is all that’s needed for hours of fun together. These games are also a great way to increase the activity your kids get each day – make one part of their bedtime routine! So push back the kitchen table and make room of some fun 🙂

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