Why the fundamentals matter

by | Kids Fitness, Kids Health

Here at RINKA, we focus on putting the FUN into fundamental movement skills but mastering these basic skills is a serious business! Why is it such a hot topic of conversation nowadays? The main reason is that the natural habitat of children has changed. Gone are the days of hours spent playing outdoors with balls, skipping ropes and hopscotch and in are the days of structured play and sedentary activity. Children used to master these skills naturally but now they aren’t being mastered at all.

Why is it important for a child to grasp the fundamentals of movement from an early age? Simply put, a lacking in these skills leads to an aversion to sports as they grow older. In other words, the more capable a child feels, the more likely they are to get involved in sports. Nobody wants to feel useless and a child is far less likely to join a basketball team if they can’t throw or catch a ball!!

When given the opportunity to learn a variety of skills at a young age, children acquire the basic building blocks for the competence and confidence to try many different physical activities and sports.

At home, you can help your child by running races in the garden, throwing and catching balls, climbing trees, riding bikes… Think of your own youth and recreate it! Make movement natural again.