When should I worry about my child’s weight?

by | Kids Health

Taking your child’s overall health into consideration is always important for parents and elements like sleep, eating patterns, exercise habits and overall well being are aspects to monitor. However, when do you need to take action if you are concerned that your child has put on weight?

Signs to look out for

If your child is becoming increasingly lethargic, reluctant to take part in exercise and doesn’t seem to have the energy to keep up with friends then it might be time to take heed. Equally of concern is how your child is feeling in themselves. If they are self-conscious of their size, or unhappy with their weight it would be important to seek advice. Your GP will easily be able to tell you if there is a weight problem or an emotional problem that needs to be addressed and they will offer support and advice for you. 

Don’t single out your child, but instead work together as a family

Never address weight with your child or single them out as the one in the family who ‘must’ diet while everyone else continues to eat as they please! Create a supportive environment and focus on changing the family habits as a whole. Small changes such as cutting out treats, limiting screen time, increasing family exercise challenges and increasing fruit and veg intake will make vast improvements to everyone’s health and energy levels. Set challenges together as a family and stick to them as a family. It is important that parents drive these changes as you can’t expect a child to be active if your evening is spent in front of the tv! 

The trick is to make changes without your child knowing! Create an environment for the child that is naturally active and healthy and weight loss will occur naturally.