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Fun, Safe and Empowering Activities for Children

The 1st of July can’t come soon enough! We kick off with a summer filled with camps in locations all over Ireland and we can’t wait to welcome your child to the RINKA experience here in Monksland, County Roscommon.

Let’s Go to Summer Camp in Monksland with RINKA

Summer Camps Schedule

The following RINKA summer camps will be taking place in King Fitness Studio,
Monksland, Athlone, County Roscommon this summer:

Everything you need to know about RINKA Summer Camps in Ireland
  • Ages 3-5: July 1st-4th from 10.30am-12.30pm
  • Ages 6-10: July 15th-18th from 10.30am-1.30pm
  • Ages 4-7: August 12th-15th from 10.30am-1.30pm

Here at RINKA, we provide children with a safe, fun, and creative environment to get their hearts pumping and bodies moving. Our summer camp programs offer gymnastics, ball skills, relay races, obstacle courses, dance, games, and more! These activities, which are all alternatives to traditional sports, are a great way to get kids moving, burning energy and having fun with new friends.

Our passion is developing strong bodies 💪 strong minds 🧠 and strong hearts 💚

Why choose a RINKA camp this summer?

  • We keep our numbers small so we can give individual attention to all kids
  • Our camps are instructor led and instructor loved! (we all LOVE what we do!)
  • We encourage personal development – confidence, discipline and decision-making.
  • We treat each child as an individual and work to THEIR abilities.
  • We have been providing camps since 2016 and know what works best
  • Each day follows a set curriculum and RINKA kids all over Ireland all experience the same thing

Most importantly, we provide all of this in a non-competitive environment where every child matters, every child is respected and every child is included 🥰 At RINKA, the winning combination is just taking part and trying your best.

RINKA Summer Camp Activities in Monksland

What to expect?

High-Energy Games

Imagine games that get your child’s heart pumping and laughter bubbling up. Think tag variations, capture the flag with a twist, relay races with fun props, or even cooperative games that involve working together as a team.

Obstacle Courses

These aren’t your average gym class obstacle courses! RINKA’s courses will be creative and challenging, using mats, tunnels, cones, hoola hoops, and other equipment to test agility, balance, and coordination. They might even have a summer theme, like navigating a beach-themed obstacle course or wild waves ocean challenge, evoking imaginations as much as fuelling fitness!

Parachute Play

This classic camp activity is a great way for children to work together, communicate, and have fun. They’ll learn cooperative movements to create different shapes and patterns with the parachute, fostering teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Movement to Music

Get ready to groove! RINKA’s movement to music sessions will incorporate a variety of genres and tempos. Children will learn basic dance moves, express themselves creatively, and improve their coordination while burning off energy.

RINKA Ru Activity Session

Each day, we will work through our RINKA Ru activity workbook that takes children on a creative journey to discover all the different ways that RINKA Ru enjoys health, fitness and wellbeing. Everyone will take their workbook home at the end of camp to share with you all the fun challenges they learned!

Fun-filled Summer-Themed Activities

No camp would be complete without visiting some summer-themed favourites! Volleyball, balloon play and sports day will all make an appearance during camp.

Athletics, Gymnastics, and Ball Skills

RINKA camps will introduce children to fundamental movement skills in a fun and engaging way. They might learn basic gymnastics moves like rolls and jumps, practice throwing and catching balls, or participate in fun athletic activities like mini-hurdles or beanbag throws.


Even the most energetic campers need a break! Relaxation time might involve story time, stretching exercises, or mindfulness activities that help children focus and recharge before diving back into the fun.

Fitness and Health Challenges

These challenges will be designed to be age-appropriate and inclusive. Think obstacle course races, timed relays with a focus on teamwork, or even fun “scavenger hunts” that involve physical activity. They’ll help children get active while learning about the importance of health.

RINKA’s Philosophy

At RINKA, we’re all about empowering children to feel their best, fall in love with movement, and nurture their health and well-being. Our summer camp curriculum is carefully designed to offer a wide variety of activities that cater to different interests and abilities.

We believe that camp should be a positive and encouraging environment where every child’s effort is celebrated. Our goal is to help children build resilience, confidence, and a love of learning.

Looking for a fun and meaningful way to spend your child’s summer?

Look no further than RINKA summer camps! Check our summer camps locations in Ireland. We provide children aged 3-10 with a safe, creative, and stimulating environment where they can develop strong bodies, minds, and hearts. Book your child’s Monksland summer camp today!

Join us for a summer of laughter, participation, and confidence-building!


Refund policy?

Cancellations made by the customer up to 14 days in advance of the camp start date will be entitled to a refund of camp fee. A €20 deposit fee per child is non-refundable and non-transferable unless the camp is cancelled by RINKA. Payments will be returned if a camp has to be cancelled.

Due to the limit on camp places and the anticipated high demand, any cancellations made within 14 days of the camp start date will not be entitled to a refund.

We do not issue refunds for missed sessions due to your own circumstances.

What to wear?

Children should wear comfortable clothes and runners – suitable for them to exercise in.

What to bring?

A small snack, water and a set of colouring pencils.

Is it suitable for my child?

We would like to share the guidelines below with all parents when deciding if a RINKA camp suits their child.

  • Has your child completed a term in preschool?
  • Is your child fully toilet trained?
  • Is your child comfortable with taking instructions and following guidelines?
  • Are they happy to attend class/camp without a parent?
  • Are they happy to mix with children and leaders they don’t know?
  • Do they attend preschool/school without any additional one-to-one support?
  • If you have answered yes to all the above, we are sure your child would be happy and comfortable in the RINKA environment!

For the safety of our instructors and the other participants, we cannot accept any behaviours that are negative to a group setting:

  • Displays of defiant behaviour
  • Kicking, spitting, biting etc
  • Running away or trying to leave
  • Not engaging with the group or taking directions from the instructors

Parents will be contacted if any of the above behaviours are displayed

Are there discounts for Monksland camps available?

Yes, we offer sibling discounts available on booking.