Shaking off Lockdown in Summer Camp

by | Rinka News

We are so ready for summer camps! After just over a year of lockdowns, social distancing, mask-wearing, and isolations, we’ve come a long way in understanding the physical precautions we must take to protect ourselves and our families. We found ways to stay connected with our loved ones via video screens, continuing with our kid education via online school, and learned how to be content with staying in. We have dealt with sudden lifestyle changes, socially isolating, grief, and burnout. However, with vaccines rolling out, schools and summer camps reopening, and life returning back to normal, we’re just starting to come to terms with the serious mental health impacts and social impacts the virus has left on us, and that will continue,  especially with our kids. Medical professionals worry that mental health issues will be one of the biggest public health challenges after the pandemic. 

It’s been so hard on our young people

Our youth has experienced the most drastic changes in their social fabric because of school closures, business shutdowns, and unemployment. Most haven’t developed mature coping strategies and lack the long-term perspective that comes with age. A survey says that 4 in 10 adults are currently experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression, compared to 1 in 10 before the pandemic – we can only imagine the stress it’s taken on our kid, as well! 

Ease yourself in gently

As we return back to our “normal” lives, it may seem overwhelming at times. And that’s okay! We’ve spent the past year adjusting to a new, slower pace of life, and when we jump back into it, you might be thinking, “How did I used to do this every day!?”. Our tip for you is to not jump in all at once. Slowly introduce parts of your life back, incorporating new activities or outings periodically. 

Summer is a great time to slowly introduce our kids back to “normal” life, as well! While it may be tempting to sign up for ALL the summer camps and activities to keep their schedule jam-packed 9-5, it’s also important to not overwhelm them with too much. 

Try out a camp or two at a time, and then see how your child responds! At RINKA, we are so excited to welcome the little ones back to INDOOR summer camp! These camps offer ALL of it – the social, the physical, and the mental benefits in a fun, safe, and structured setting. This might just be the first step you can take to help return to some sense of normalcy!