RINKA Ru! Our Fitness Friend

RINKA Ru Fitness Programme

Fitness Fun with RINKA Ru! Finding fun ways to be active is Ru’s favourite thing to do and he’d love you to join him.

RINKA RU knows that exercise helps him to…

N Have more energy

N Feel more confident

N Sleep better at night

N Concentrate easier at school

N Grow strong bones and muscles

N Feel calmer and less stressed

Rink Ru Our Fitness Friend with Hula Hoop
Rink Ru Our Fitness Friend doing a cartwheel

RINKA Ru doesn’t really like sports – he prefers to find his own way to keep active every day and here are some of his favourite things:

  • Create obstacle courses at home
  • Make up funny animal walks and make lots of noise doing it
  • Walk his dog
  • Make up dance routines
  • Practice balancing games
  • Playing with outdoor games like hoola hoop, balls and skipping ropes
  • Riding his bike

This is the fun section where the parents can download fun RINKA Ru activities for the children.

Remember to check back as new activities will be added regularly.

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