I think what I probably love most about working with children is the fact that no two days are the same, no two classes are the same and the truth is no two kids are the same! I love getting to know each and every child that comes through my door and recognising the little person inside. I love the stories they tell me at the start of class, the ins and outs of what they did that day. I love the silly things they say and the simple, straight-forward outlook they have on life. Only last week I had a fabulous conversation with one of my girls about why school teachers definitely don’t get paid!

Me: But doesn’t teacher at school get paid?

Her: No… no I’m pretty sure you only get paid for work

Me: But is teaching not work?

Her: No… she just talks to us all day

Me: But that’s her job, she must get paid for doing her job surely?

Her: Are you saying being with me all day is hard work? No, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t get paid!

How could I argue with that!! (To all the teachers out there, I am fully aware of just how hard your work is!!)

And then there is the other side. As a RINKA instructor you are in a privileged position to be a trusted adult in the life of a child. We hear their fears, their worries and their anxieties. We are blessed with opportunities to comfort, reassure and encourage them.

In actual fact, I believe that working with kids is a blessed position. We spend hours each day in their simple, uncomplicated world. We experience things at their level and through their eyes and we are honoured with the job of inspiring and guiding the next generation.

When talking with my team of instructors about the best part of being a RINKA instructor, the answer is unanimous – seeing kids develop into more confident, happier versions of themselves is without doubt the greatest thing. How amazing is it that our answer to ‘what do you do for a living?’ is ‘oh, I inspire kids to be happy and confident and to love being active’?!

And while it can most certainly have it’s trying days and it’s tiring days, it’s always a gift to go to bed at night and know you’ve made a difference. I wouldn’t change it for the world!