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I am a Primary School Teacher who is teaching junior infants to second class. I absolutely love what I do. Working with children definitely keeps you young at heart!  I love learning and I am currently completing a Masters of Education in Physical Education and I am so excited to bring and share what I am learning to the classes. I love teaching Physical Education in school along with yoga and wellness such as mindfulness. I believe children’s wellbeing is so important and it is important to teach positive wellbeing skills from an early age and in an enjoyable and fun way. Rinka covers all of this- its a one stop shop for children wellbeing and wellness.  In my spare time I love spending it outdoors going to walks, runs and adventures. I am definitely happiest when I am in the fresh air and surrounded by nature!

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My favourite thing about RINKA

Where do I start! There are just so many amazing things about teaching Rinka. I have been teaching Rinka classes for the last roughly 5 years.  I love meeting the smiling and excited children in each class. They are very excited when they come into class and this rubs off on everybody. It is a really happy and positive atmosphere! I also love the structure  of the Rinka classes. Each class is inclusive and there is something to suit each child- the sporty and not so sporty. I love how they provide a wide range of activities from physical activity, to learning about muscles and  mindfulness,  which is important at an early age to explore and try out different types of activities and sports. But one of my main reasons why I love teaching Rinka is watching how each child progresses and flourishes during the term. I love to see the progression and accomplishments they make. We would celebrate all these in class and because of this you can see children’s self-esteem and confidence grow on a weekly basis and it is amazing to watch from an instructor’s point of view. It could be anything from learning fundamental movement skills to social skills to watching new friendships blossom and bloom. I always leave each class feeling so proud of each and every one of the children.


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