Let’s learn to listen a little longer

by | Rinka News

This term in class I have been mentioning how important it is to listen – basic, yes I know, but kids do need to be reminded of this from time to time! This is a pretty fundamental communication skill but very important none the less, and what better way to teach this to our children than to lead by example.

One of the things I have both noticed and enjoyed most as a Rinka Instructor is the kids sharing things with me and their pals.
I hear lovely snippets about family and friends, relive the times knees were grazed, share the anticipation of holidays, school plays and performances. I now know how much my colourful sports shoes are liked and that my hair looks golden!

When one child has a little bit of news or an opinion to share, they all do! It can be the most humbling thing to simply listen to what a child has to say – they can share funny, meaningful, thought provoking anecdotes that are truly special to them.

 This is the important thing to remember, when we, as parents, are feeling the demand of juggling work schedules, school and after school activities on top of the daily chores. This fast paced routine can easily seep into our family life.
What our children are telling us is important to them regardless of how insignificant it may seem to us. Kids always remember how we make them feel.  Listening to our children makes them feel important, valued and interesting – allowing them to express themselves in a safe space. In years to come the opportunity we as parents can give them now to find their own voice and the ability to express themselves will stand to them.