Are your kids getting their daily steps?

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I started my day today with a brisk 3km walk and after a quick glance at my pedometer, I had clocked up 4,000 steps. I walk every day but if I didn’t make this deliberate move to get in my daily 10,000 steps I would never even come in close!

 It got me to thinking about children’s daily steps. We hear so much about our recommended 10,000 per day but did you know that a child’s recommended amount is in fact higher? Girls aged between 6 and 12 years should be doing 12,000 steps and boys should be aiming for 15,000. Where do your kids rank on the daily step challenge?

 So how can you make sure you and your kids are getting in your target steps each day? Here’s a few simple and fun ideas:

1.       Walk to school each day (the return walk will increase your own steps)

2.       Walk to an evening activity and back instead of drive

3.       Schedule a nature walk night for the family to do together each week

4.       Bring a ball to the beach on a Sunday morning

5.       Run races in the back garden

6.       Play a game of What Time is it Mr Wolf for 20 mins before dinner

7.       Set a challenge and plan a reward for when the challenge has been completed

8.       By a pedometer for both you and your children and chart your progress each day.

9.       Buy a WII fit and have family tournaments

10.   Run a disco in the sitting room and dance the night away  

 Movement in childhood isn’t optional – it’s an essential requirement for their wellbeing. Make it your priority to give your kids an active upbringing and you never know, you might just enjoy the benefits yourself!