How to discourage sugary treats

by | Kids Health

When kids are looking for sugary treats and snacks it can be hard to say no but it is so important that these types of foods are limited and really seen as a treat. Foods that are high in added sugar (soda, cookies, cake, candy, frozen desserts, and some fruit drinks) tend to also be high in calories and low in other valuable nutrients. As a result, a high-sugar diet is often linked with obesity. Eating too many sugary foods also can lead to tooth decay, energy lows, poor sleeping patterns and anxiety problems.

The key to keeping sugar consumption in check is moderation

Here are some great tips to help control the sugar in your child’s diet:

  • Offer alternatives and make your children feel like they’re choosing
  • Don’t buy treats so they are not in the house
  • Defer or delay giving it to them (not until you clean your room or not until Friday)
  • Give them smaller portions (half a bag of crisps in a bowl rather than a whole portion out of the pack)
  • Have defined treat days/times, for example, only on Fridays or at the weekend or only after their activity or after school
  • Make sure you follow through
  • Keep at it and don’t give in