How can your child benefit from after school activities?

by | Rinka News

I am often bewildered to hear about the comings and goings of the kids that come to my classes weekly – they have far busier social lives than I do! Getting your kids involved in afterschool activities is fantastic for their little minds and bodies but often there is a host of learning going on that we don’t see. Obviously, here at RINKA, our focus is on helping kids burn energy and learn that fitness is fun, in a safe and welcoming environment. However, regardless of the sport or hobby your child takes part in here are some of the other skills they are developing at the same time:
1. They are developing their natural curiosity. They are learning about the world around them and figuring out their space in it.
2. It is an opportunity for them to explore their own talents and build their confidence in those particular skills
3. It is a stress release. Giving kids down time from grades, exams and competition to allow them to simply be kids is vitally important
4. There is a massive social development aspect. Kids must learn respect for other children, learn to take their turn, be patient, be kind, be a good team player… the list goes on!
5. It gives them a chance to build a network of friends outside of school and get to know other kids that have similar interests to themselves.
With Easter holidays nearly at an end, many clubs will be starting a new term next week so why not look into what is on offer for your child and encourage them to take part. All children are always welcome to try a class with us at RINKA.