Heart of RINKA Awards 2018

Heart of RINKA Award 2018


Saying ‘We See You’ to the little people in our lives who are making big differences

Welcome to The Heart of RINKA Award 2018. We are on a mission to recognise all the indomitable spirits and award the little people with big hearts.

We want to say ‘WELL DONE’ to the kids in our lives who never take no for an answer, who go for a goal despite their obstacles and who are shining examples of why we should never give up on a dream! We want to recognise determination, heart and grit.

We want to hear from you!

Do you know a child who has achieved a goal despite numerous setbacks? Or perhaps you have seen a child adapt to a new way of life after injury or illness? Is there a child in your life who has made the most of a difficult situation and continued to smile through it? If so, tell us all about it! These are the stories that we want to share and these are the traits we want to award.

The details

Who is eligible? :                          Any child under the age of 18

How do I nominate a child? :     Simply fill out our nomination form , outlining the story and why you think the child deserves recognition

What is the deadline?                 Closing dates for entries is Sunday 21st October 2018

When is the event?:                    The award ceremony took take place on Saturday the 24th November in The Shamrock Lodge, Athlone Co Westmeath

Meet Our Judges

Joanne O’Riordan: Cork Person of Month, Young Person of The Year, Youngest ever Grand Marshall at Dublin’s St Patrick’s Day Parade, Interviewed on the Late Late Show, Has addressed the UN and has had a film made about her life, titled No Limbs No Limits.

Sene Naoupu: Ireland Women’s Six Nations Champions, 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup Player, Ireland Women’s rugby sevens international, one of The Irish Times most influential woman in Ireland

Cathal Joyce of HeartTalks. Cathal suffered a cardiac arrest during a warm-up for a football game. Cathal survived due to the quick action of those around him, who thankfully knew how to administer CPR. Cathal now spends his time canvassing for the importance of heart health awareness and CPR education and is a real hero in our eyes


The day itself is a celebration of each child there. All of our nominees present on the day will be given a day to remember, with the focus and attention on them. The event is a family-friendly one, with everyone welcome; brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grannies and grandas!!

We have a line-up of activities for the children to enjoy, before sitting down to the more ‘formal’ half of the day, where we will meet each child, hear their story and present them with their award.

‘We believe so strongly in recognising silent heroes. We believe in the good that praise and acknowledgement can do for a young child and we believe in the necessity of more awareness of the vulnerable people in our society. We follow business awards and sports awards but there are people out there fighting battles on a daily basis who will never win those sorts of awards! This award is for them. It’s an opportunity to say ‘we see you, we’re proud of you, keep going’. Join us on the day!’ Sarah Gillespie, CEO

Heart of RINKA Awards 2018

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