Healthy Habits for The Festive Season

by | Kids Health

According to new research, childhood obesity rates increase during the holidays. We are all too familiar with the festive bulge that attacks our jeans in the New Year but have we ever stopped to think about the impact the extra food, drinks, snacks and lack of routine the party season has on our children?

Parents need to be mindful about the number of treats kids have over the holidays. Here are a few simple ideas to keep your kids feeling fresh and content and allow them to start the new year revitalized after the break.

1. Keep mealtimes regular

– Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make sure kids are starting the day with a healthy breakfast, followed by a lunch and dinner. This will help diminish their need to snack

2. Encourage active play

– Wrap kids up and send them outside! Take the dog for a walk, go on a nature trail, kick a ball around. Remember kids need to be active for at least 60mins a day.

3. Take Control of the TV

–  Limit the amount of time children watch tv each day and introduce new activities. Get them outside, let them bake, encourage free play etc

4. Water Consumption

– Leave jugs of water available for kids throughout the day and allow them to sip on it and keep them hydrated without sugary drinks – these must be limited!

5. Put regular treat days on hold

– Maybe every Friday is take away night or every Saturday is sweets day. During the holidays explain to your kids that these treat days will be back when they go back to school!

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