Get your kids away from the TV and into the fresh air

by | Kids Health

As the sun begins to shine, our minds quickly forget the damp months behind us and the smell of freshly cut grass lures us outside! Now is the time to make sure the kids get outside too as the benefits of fresh air and outdoor play are plentiful.
Our bodies require Vitamin D and the best source of this is natural daylight. Vitamin D results in stronger bones and lowers the risk of cancer so this alone is reason enough to get your little people enjoying the long stretch in the evenings.
As well as this, an hour of running around outside ticks the box for the amount of recommended daily activity a child should be getting. This in turn contributes to a longer concentration span and increased creative output from a child’s imagination.
Longer sessions spent outside and away from tv screens and iPad screens can protect a child’s eyesight and help to prevent cases of short-sightedness.

Breathing in fresh air helps to rid little lungs of dust, fumes and other irritations they may have accumulated over the day and last but not least a good run around insures an even better night’s sleep!
Although, it’s not always easier to pry children away from their comforts so here are a few tips on how to encourage active play outdoors.

1. Wrap them up well. Children are more likely to stay outside for longer when they aren’t put off by the cold.
2. Create a fun association with going for a walk by bringing a Frisbee or a football or turn it into a nature trail and explore.
3. Lead by example. This could be the perfect opportunity for you to dust off your bike and go on family cycles. Remember children love time out with their parents so what better way to do it than a family bike ride.
4. Walk to the shop or to visit a neighbor. Make it the norm to walk anywhere you can and leave the car for longer trips.
5. Go for a stroll at night. How exciting it would be for children to bring a torch, listen for owls and do some stargazing.
6. Erect a basketball net outside your house and spend time practicing with your children in the evenings