Fitness isn’t something to be ‘fitted in’

by | Kids Fitness

There’s not enough hours in the day for fitness….. I don’t know how I’ll fit that in…. How is it Monday again?! Any of these sound familiar?!

Fitness isn’t something that should need to be ‘fitted in’ to a schedule. This makes it a chore – another thing to tick off an already very long to do list. Families and schools need to embrace fitness as a way of life. We need to focus on the abundance of benefits we gain from exercise and see movement as a blessing! Children are naturally creative and energetic- it is our responsibility as adults to provide them with the space to be so!

It’s all about creating a habit.  The 21/90 rule tells us that if we commit to a goal for 21 days it will become habit and if you continue it for another 90 days it will become a permanent lifestyle change.

111 days to change the future life of your children. Can you commit?!

I think the important thing to remember is that small amounts of movement every day count. Regular bursts of activity make a difference. The aim is to make it the norm in your house. Make it normal to walk to the shop rather than drive, make it normal to walk the dog every day, make it normal to go swimming every Saturday, make it normal to go on forest walks over the weekend, make it normal to wash the car yourself, make it normal to weed the garden…. The message is MAKE IT NORMAL.  It’s not about having time, or fitting it in but about changing our mindset towards it and make it so that we couldn’t imagine it any other way.