Egg-citing Easter Energy Burners

by | Rinka News

We have had the best week ever here at RINKA with our Easter-themed egg-cercise classes!! The magic of a themed class in unbeatable and the kids were super egg-cited with our fun-filled games. (I promise I’ll stop with the egg puns now!)

The Easter break is a full two weeks and if the weather isn’t great, cabin-fever will set in. Off-set the sugar overload by repeating some of the activities we did this week in class. A quick trip to your local Euro2 store will equip you with all the bits and pieces needed and after that it’s over to you and the kids to enjoy! Even 30 mins a day will go a long way towards increasing their movement and keeping them active over the break.

Easter Bunny Tag: instead of running everyone must hop. If caught, you must hop on one spot until someone runs under your legs and frees you. The tagger must wear bunny ears

Easter Egg-cercises: using plastic eggs, fill them with simple activities (starjumps, bear walk etc) and turn on the music. Have the children dance around and when the music stops, the last child to touch the wall chooses an activity from the egg and everyone completes it.

Roll the Egg: Give each child a small ball and get them to ‘roll it’ to the other side of the hall using only their nose, elbow, knee etc. This is a twist on the classic tradition of rolling hard boiled eggs. Why not boil some eggs, paint them and then roll these after they have dried? Two activities in one!

Sing the Bunny Poke (to the tune of Hokey Pokey)
You put your bunny ears in
(Place hands on head to make ears)
You put your bunny ears out.
You put your bunny ears in.
And you shake them all about.
You do the Bunny Pokey
And hop yourself around,
That’s what it’s all about!

Additional verses:
You put your bunny nose in…
You put your bunny tail in…
You put your bunny paws in…