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The Exercise Feel – Good Factor

Utilising The Feel Good Factor

The stress-relieving benefits of exercise for adults is well documented and discussed and we all know that a long walk, swim or exercise class will have us feeling like new after a long, hard day. However, this ‘feel-good’ aspect of sport and exercise is rarely discussed from a child’s perspective.

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Benefits of exercise on children’s mental health and wellbeing

Fitness and Mental Health in Children

While we all know the many physical benefits of exercise for children, one thing we don’t always focus on enough is the positive effect exercise has on our children’s mental health and well-being.As parents, the more you understand about the benefits, the more motivation you will have to implement change into your children’s lives to encourage them to be more active. 

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The social side to summer camps

The social side to summer camps

It’s official – school is out for the summer! As parents, this may seem like a daunting time full of uncertainties (oh goodness, how will I entertain my kids today!? I can’t bear to hear another “I’m bored!” complaint, especially after a year of isolation).

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