Bringing your child to a class for the first time?

by | Kids Health

But it is an essential step for their growth and personal development.Bounce 1 600x600

The most important thing to remember is that your fear is greater than theirs!! This is what we see week in week out with parent’s bringing children to our classes for the first time. We hear the same worries ‘They may not stay if I don’t stay too’…… ‘I’ll just sit over here in the corner until I’m sure he’s happy’….. ‘I don’t think she’s really going to like it but I’ll give this week a go’…… ‘He’s very shy you know, this isn’t his thing’……

And what happens? Mum leaves and we have a great class!! The biggest fears we see are in actual fact coming from you. YOU are worried that your child is too shy, that they won’t have fun, that they will miss you. (And let’s not neglect the fear that they won’t miss you!)

So here are our top tips for making it easy to drop your child off

1. Keep your fears to yourself! Don’t project your doubts on to your child. Let them decide for themselves if they are happy to join us

2. Talk in a positive way about the fun things they are going to experience at class

3. Reassure them that you will be back to collect them and that they are safe in the new class

4. Tell them that you can’t wait to hear all about their fun class when you collect them and then follow through with your promise

5. Introduce your child to their new instructor and tell them what their name is. Help your child to feel at home

6. Take the instructors lead. Leave when it is time to do so and don’t linger as this is confusing and upsetting

7. Take the time to enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee and look forward to collecting your child at the end of class