Bringing Up Healthy Kids is Not a Trend

by | Kids Health

Bringing Up Healthy Kids is Not a Trend!! 

Do you remember when it was a popular trend to have celebs such as chef Jamie Oliver bring our attention to what children were eating – he fought to change food in UK school canteens. Michelle Obama felt it was important to plant a vegetable garden in the White House for kids to learn about healthy foods. When people in the limelight are high lighting these important things we find ourselves fully onboard, buying merchandise & books…following their every word, putting their advice into practice. 

But what do we do when we don’t have the glossy media coverage sweeping us off our feet down the fruit & veg aisle and around the local park!? What happens when the tv series comes to an end and we are left to our own devices? 

It is extremely important that our children’s health and wellbeing is forefront in the media and it is fantastic when we are surrounded by inspiration and motivation to embark on new healthier ways of life. However we must remember that being healthy, showing our children how to make healthy choices and how to be active is far from a ‘trend’ – it’s a way of life and not just a passing fad while the fun lasts!

Children’s health & wellbeing is continually receiving more coverage and resources are improving all the time. If you feel you benefit from the guidance and inspiration of others to keep you on track, follow us on Instagram @rinka_ireland for lots of tips, advice and support in creating a healthy lifestyle for you and your little ones. Remember, bringing up healthy kids is not a trend. Do what you can to create healthy habits. 

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