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Beating Boredom with Bubbles and Balloons

Children are blessed with a natural curiosity and an imagination that we as adults have forgotten. Giving them the opportunity to develop both attributes is something we should strive for – they are, after all, what childhood is all about!
But how about tying this together with some energy-burning too? Two birds with one stone so to speak! Well I recommend you break out two old reliables – bubbles and balloons, and get set for an afternoon of giggles!

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Your child is not a puppy, don’t reward with food!

We are teaching children that sugary snacks = rewards for good behaviour. To reduce the sugar in children’s diets the first step must be breaking the association with reward.

What else can you offer as a reward or as an encouragement? How about creating a star chart. There are lots of printable designs online. Every time your child does something deserving of recognition they receive another star on their chart. Once they have collected ten stars they get to have a friend over for a play date or maybe they get to stay up a little later or have a day off from their chores?

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We’re taking to the Road!

The RINKA ROADSHOW 2018 launches on April 16th, with the first stop being Longford.

The aim behind the ROADSHOW is to introduce our positive message about health and fitness to school kids who don’t have RINKA instructors in their local areas. We will be visiting as many schools as possible and giving them the chance to part-take in a RINKA workshop completely free of charge.

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Our RINKA Buddy Bench Adventure in Athlone

On Monday, I was so lucky to spend the day with our Athone instructor, Sandra, delivering our fabulous RINKA BUDDY BENCHES to four of the local schools and what a heart-warming day it was! We were welcomed with open arms into every school we visited, and were over-whelmed by their enthusiasm and time they’d out into preparing for our arrival.
On each visit to the schools we delivered a session on friendship, teaching the kids the RINKA Friendship Chant and doing some simple visualizations on how it feels to be lonely vs how it feels to have friends. The insight we gained from the children we talked to was humbling. Our message on the day was simple – for hearts to be happy they need both fitness and friendship.

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Beat the Bugs with Exercise

Recent studies have suggested that if you complete moderate exercise just a few times every week, you can drastically reduce the number of colds that you get every year. Exercise can boost your immune system and help your body fight off harmful diseases and even something as simple as the common cold. Exercise can boost your immune system by providing a boost to the cells in your body that are assigned to attack bacteria and help you fight off colds and flus before they get hold! What better reason to get out and about and get moving?!

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Meet Sinead from RINKA Corbally, Limerick

Sinead McKinley is the newest member of our team, only starting classes this January. Despite only being up and running for three weeks, Sinead is already teaching 3 weekly classes with over 30 kids enrolled. As well as being a RINKA instructor, Sinead works full-time...

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