Developmenting fitness skills in a way kids understand

by | Kids Fitness, Kids Health

RINKA classes provide an all-inclusive environment where elitism and perfection are not expected, but where the goal is participation, inclusion and enjoyment. Children learn through play, therefore we must teach on their level and in a language they can understand. 

There are four main areas of developmental skills that we focus on in classes:

1.       Sensory Skills

This can relate to anything visual, auditory or tactile. In class, we promote sensory growth through the use of parachutes, ribbons, scarves and music.

2.       Motor Skills

This includes engaging the hands and fingers, developing agility, balance and co-ordination, as well as hand-eye co-ordination. We play fun, high-energy games that include the use of motor skills requiring the children to use balance, retrieve, be agile and to move quickly. We also engage in animal walks and gymnastic skills that further promote the development of motor skills

3.       Cognitive Skills

Language, literacy and problem solving are all examples of cognitive skills and the classes are full of listening to, understanding and following instruction. Games involve having to work out how best to execute the task at hand.

4.       Social Skills

Co-operation, acceptance of others, team work, patience… the list goes on! In class kids have to learn to work in groups, to take their turn, to understand that we all have strengths and weaknesses and to communicate with other kids their own age.

 You can further these skills at home by nurturing a strong sense of belonging and self-esteem in your children. Interact with them – sing, dance, eat, talk together. You will learn about your child and they about you. Go for walks, turn off the tv screens, make something creative. Paint with your fingers, do jigsaw puzzles, wash the dog in the bath! Open your child up to new and exciting experiences – make them fun! And read to your child. Open their minds to the world around them.