Bedtime relaxation

by | Rinka News

We all know a good night’s sleep can cure a multitude, but encouraging our kids to get into bed and go to sleep can be a challenging task!

Developing a regular routine (that you stick to!) can definitely help in getting your little ones off to the land of nod, but spending 5-10 mins a night doing some relaxation techniques can aid the process.

These very simple activities will help your child unwind, relax and settle into a sleepy mode and forget the day behind them. It is also a lovely time for you to bond with each other.

Here are some of the simple techniques we have used in class this term;

  1. The Balloon. Take a deep breath in that fills our whole body, down to our toes and imagine you are a big green balloon! As you breath out again, imagine you are a deflating the balloon and keep breathing out until you are flat on the floor. Repeat three times
  2. Play some music in the background and invite each child to lie down quietly… Close their eyes and think of a colour that makes them feel safe and relaxed. Take a deep breath in and imagine that colour filling your head, and then your chest, tummy, arms, legs all the way into their toes. When they waken they feel safe and secure and full of that colour. Remind them that they can do it any time they feel nervous or anxious.
  3. Relaxation: The Folding Flower;Lie down and take three, deep, slow breaths. Imagine a flower in your heart, and it’s petals are wide open. It is a peaceful flower. Now imagine a gentle light enter the flower and the petals slowly close around it. When you waken up, the flower of peace is resting in your heart and keeping you calm

And here’s a lovely link to a guided meditation by the fantastic Louise Shanagher:

Sleep well everyone ????