Beating Boredom with Bubbles and Balloons

by | Rinka News

Recently at a RINKA birthday party in studio, one of the mother’s present noted how it’s the simple things that keep kids entertained and she was 100% right. Children are blessed with a natural curiosity and an imagination that we as adults have forgotten. Giving them the opportunity to develop both attributes is something we should strive for – they are, after all, what childhood is all about!
But how about tying this together with some energy-burning too? Two birds with one stone so to speak! Well I recommend you break out two old reliables – bubbles and balloons, and get set for an afternoon of giggles! Bubbles and balloons hold a sense of intrigue for young children and offer endless ways to incorporate some beneficial exercise too. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Bubble Sword Battle
Give each child a foam noodle, aka a sword and let them pop the bubbles as you blow them. They can be the great bubble slayers!

2. No Hands Allowed
Have the kids try and pop bubbles without using their hands. They can use their heads, elbows, legs, feet, knees, etc

3. Catch a Bubble
Blow bubbles and then try and catch them on the bubble wand. See if multiple bubbles can be caught on the wand. Run quick before they land!

4. Bubble Blowing
See how long the kids can keep their bubbles in the air by having them blow underneath them to keep them from popping

1. Catch the Balloon
Give your child a paper cup and challenge them to catch the balloon with the cup – no hands allowed!

2. Balloon Rockets
Blow up the balloon, let it go and catch it before it lands

3. Balloon Swing
Tie a string to the balloon and hang it from the ceiling, just within reach! The kids must them jump and try and hit it.

4. Fly a ‘kite’
Take the string and run the balloon around the garden!