A Day in the Life at RINKA

by | Rinka News

What do your daily tasks consist of?

No two days are the same!! I like to keep Monday mornings for class prep. I read over my class plans for the week and make sure I am ready for the classes ahead. Every other morning sees me head off to a school or crèche for classes. During the day, I will do some admin and then it’s in to afternoon classes. Depending on the day of the week, I could be teaching DramaFit or Bounce – or even a combination of them bothl!!

What office roles do you need to do each week?

Well, the beauty behind RINKA is that they make this very easy for me. I need to keep track of enrolment fees, attendances and write up an end of term report but there is nothing complicated. In fact, I quite enjoy this side of the business – I like to organize things! Do you have a favorite class? It’s too hard to choose!! The little people love BOUNCE and I love working with that age group but the passion and energy that is put into DRAMAFIT is second to none.

Do you find the job tiring?

There is no doubt about it, teaching RINKA classes is tiring! I make sure I get to bed at a reasonable hour during the week. But it’s a good tired – I put a lot of energy into every class I teach and am rewarded by seeing each class have a great time. It sure beats being tired from boredom or having sat at a desk all day!

What is the best bit about the job?

For me, it’s working with different little personalities every day of the week. Getting to know each of them and knowing that I can make a positive influence on their lives is the most rewarding thought ever. In fact, I can’t imagine doing anything else. The job also challenges me – I have to be able to think on the spot, be sensitive yet authoritative, be a clown in the classroom but organized in the management of my business. On top of all this I get to pick my own hours and run it in a way that suits me, with the back-up of a great business team in head office.